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Motorcycle Security and Locks

Review these products on motorcycle security and locks to protect your motorcycle investment.motorcycle security and locks You will find great products and links for your motorcycle security and locks needs and related information for your Harley Davidson, Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki motorcycle and much more.

Custom Motorcycle offers information on security systems and locks for Harley-Davidson motorcycles and Japanese motorcycles such as Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, and Kawasaki motorcycle security and locks. Motorcycle enthusiasts want to dress up their bikes and enhance their sophistication using chrome accessories, custom products, unique motorcycle parts and motorcycle accessories without worrying about them being stolen. At Custom Motorcycle we offer motorcycle security and lock products to make your motorcycle look great and your ride feel great!

No one wants to become a victim of motorcycle theft and another statistic recorded on a crime list database. With this in mind, we must try to minimise the risk to ourselves.

Is your motorcycle permanently marked?
The main problem police have when they find a bike or part they believe to be stolen, is to identify them. Marking your bike may help convict a thief or handler of stolen parts. Any form of marking is better than none. Use an ultra violet pen to mark body panels, seats and engine components, or even better, fit a Datatag or Alpha Dot security marking system, both of which are recognised by the major motorcycle insurance companies.

Secondary security
While permanent marking is vital, you should always use some form of secondary security. You should not just rely upon the ignition or steering lock fitted to the machine from the manufacturer. Most are inadequate and are relatively easy to overcome. Always use an additional form of security such as a good lock and chain, brake disc lock or a good alarm and immobiliser system.

Lock and chain
Due to the size and weight of these products generally, they are more suited to home or garage use, but, if possible try to carry one on the bike. Never carry a chain around your shoulder/waist or carry a brake disc lock in your pocket. Serious injury could occur if you are involved in an accident. Use a lock and chain to anchor your bike to a solid object such as another vehicle, lamppost or fence. Fit a good quality lock and chain in this manner and it will give the professional thief a difficult time in trying to steal your bike.

Brake disc locks
These can be used as an addition to a good lock and chain. Used on their own they will generally deter joy riders, but the professional thief will either break the lock off at the scene or load your bike into a van and deal with the disc lock at his leisure. Brake disc locks used with another form of security can do some good, but do not rely on them solely to protect your bike.

Alarms and immobilisers
These generally fall into two categories, the DIY and the professionally installed. There can be a massive difference in price between the two products.

Professional systems will on average cost twice as much as the DIY varieties but there may be the added benefit of reduced insurance premiums or lower excesses, and ultimately peace of mind with a professionally installed alarm and immobiliser. Many professionally installed units are now recognised and even approved by some manufacturers. This may be of benefit if your bike is covered by the manufacturers warranty.

Many insurance companies now offer good discounts on either policies or theft excesses, if the products are approved.

Remember, even if you cannot afford the best, cheaper products do offer a level of deterrent to a thief and these could make the difference between spending the summer with or without your motorcycle.





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