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Honda Motorcycles Information

Review this Honda motorcycles page for information on Honda motorcycles. You will find great  information on motorcycles, parts, accessories and  information for all your Honda motorcycle needs. Custom Motorcycle offers information and products on Honda motorcycles. We offer several Honda articles, products and related information, pictures, articles, links and much more to inform you on Honda motorcycles.

Although the Honda  name is most often associated with automobiles, American Honda Motor Co. manufactures a wide range of  motorcycles from touring, cruising, sport racing, motocross racing to off road.

2005 Honda Motorcycles include bikes within the model ranges of Touring/Sport Touring, Cruiser/Standard, Sport, Motocross, Off-road.

American Honda Motor Co., Inc. is the sole distributor of Honda motorcycles, scooters, ATVs and personal watercraft in the U.S. American Honda’s Motorcycle Division conducts the sales, marketing, and operational activities for these products through Honda authorized dealers.

Honda offers a wide range of bikes to suit all different aspects of riding and needs fromhonda motorcycles touring, cruising, sport racing, motocross racing to off road. There are nearly 2,000,000 miles of asphalt in the United States. That voice in your head begging you to explore? It is called curiosity. And what better way to make it go away then touring on a Honda Goldwing motorcycle.

A Honda cruiser motorcycle is more than transportation from point A to point B. It is transportation to a different state of mind. Carefree. Empowering. Alive. What better way to ride then on a Honda Shadow?

For the racing enthusiast looking for true performance, what does it take to create a world-class sport bike? Unsurpassed craftsmanship. Tried and true performance. And the experience gained from thousands of race wins. One twist of the throttle on a Super Hawk or an Interceptor Honda sport bike is all it takes to appreciate the engineering of a Honda.

This same precision engineering , flawless craftsmanship, unequalled quality are built into the Honda motocross bikes  for one reason: to put you on the top of the podium. When it comes to Off-Road, Honda dirt bikes dominate in the sand, the trees and just about everywhere in between. From big-bore open-class bikes like the XR650R to the rugged XR50R, Honda has an off-road bike for you.

From a small off-road bike to the largest Goldwing cruiser – Honda has a motorcycle for you!

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