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Motorcycle Links

Browse this link list for motorcycle links, parts links, accessories links, information & other links for your Harley Davidson, Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki motorcycle and much more. More information and links on motorcycles are always coming so please return again to view our motorcycle website as it grows.

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Misc. Motorcycle Sites and On-line Magazines

Chopperwire Online Magazine This online magazine from Melissa Komowski features exclusive interviews, biker forums, contests, chopper gear and more. Melissa has built this site out of a labor of love and a love of choppers.

Bandit's Bikernet site. Feature Fiction by Bandit, product reviews, some event coverage, sales.

Easyriders Online, an online version of Easyriders Magazine

Motorcycle Consumer News is an informational site, as they say, "Just the facts. No Advertising, No hype, No BS."

The AMA (American Motorcycle Association) is a wealth of info

Dirty Ernie Many of you have seen his photographs in different magazines and connect him with his Beatrice, NB. byline, particularly in In The Wind Magazine.

Biker Eddy has a site, the World Wide Biker Web with loads of links on it. There are links to clubs all over the world as well as manufacturers / suppliers and biker events.

Big Daddy Rat's Rats Hole Show has been a well attended event for years in Daytona and Sturgis. As of March 2000. Big Daddy attracts some of the most unique motorcycles made anywhere. They come from all over including Europe and Japan. Its also a great place to look at people!

Motorcycle Art, Photography and Museums

The Barber Museum in Birmingham, AL houses 38 Harleys (a number that is growing quickly) from their collection of 650 motorcycles. A number of their bikes were loaned to the Gugenheim Museum in New York City for the exhibition, the "Art of the Motorcycle" Cruisin' Goods; Mike Mayers site of motorcycle (and other) art.

Segal Fine Art has the exclusive Harley Davidson license for the art market. Originally they seemed to work with Scott Jacobs, who was doing photo realistic paintings of Harley Davidsons. Scott's work has been changing and he doens't only do photorealistic work now. Segal's group of artists has grown over the last few years. They represent several artists including David Uhl.

The Petersen Museum in Los Angeles is run by the LA County Museums. Hopefully, they will continue to show bikes there.

Wheels Through Time Museum of Vintage Motorcycling
is a collection of more than 100 privately owned motorcyles tied in with Dale's Harley Davidson in Mount Vernon, Illinois. The museum is free to the public. Their web site as some good info on Harley Davidson history.

Aftermarket Parts

Joey Perse of Perse Performance has put an incredible company together in just a few years. His product is being used by many of the most famous builders. His front ends are where he got his start but he is producing a lot more than that now.

To see the latest products from Custom Chrome or find the nearest dealer selling their parts.

S & S Cycle has been around for many years making high performance carburetors and engine parts for American motorcycles. Their web site has some tech tips as well as details about their offerings.

Mid-USA, offers over 9,000 parts for American made motorcycles. It is also the place to get Larry Curik's gas powered bar stool if you decide to take up the sport of bar stool racing.

J&P Cycles has been in business for over 20 years. You see them at an incredible number of events giving away there big, fat catalogue. Its free if you live in Canada or the USA and you can order it through their web site.

Check out Perry Kime's Flo Head Works site. He has a great little chart called the "Fun to Ride Guide" and the site is all about practical performance for your HD. He has been in the business for a long time and knows his stuff.


Harley Davidson, Inc., The Daddy of them all. This is a great site and the one and only official site for the motor company. There is a lot to see here.

Indian Motorcycle Company's site shows their current model offerings and what is to come.

Big Dog Motorcycles out of Wichita, KS seem to have done well with their line of big Twins.

Buell Motorcycles are for you if you are looking for speed. This company has come on strong in the last few years, especially since Harley invested in it.

Ducati Motorcycles have always had a strong mystique and following. It was spectacular how the Gugenheim Museum's show "the Art of the Motorcycle" ended with a prototype of their F4 when it was just being introduced.

Panzer Motorcycles build an interesting line of new bikes with new Panhead motors in them. They have updated the motor using the best of ingredients.

Victory Motorcycles by Polaris came into the market quietly a few years ago and I have a lot of respect for them because of it.

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