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Motorcycle Article #1

Review this helpful and informative motorcycle article:

Buying a Motorcycle

"Which bike is best for me?" is probably the number-one inquiry asked from just about every classification of rideróbe it eager beginner or seasoned vet. Naturally, this makes perfect sense. For novices or people trying to pick a bike for a new or young rider, the variety of models, price, easy-to-ride, easy-to-learn can make it amazingly confusing to select a motorcycle upon which to begin the motorcycle journey.

Choose your bike. Weather you are interested in a Harley Davidson, Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, or Kawasaki motorcycle there are many models to choose from in each brand. The first place and easiest place to start your research is on the internet. Each motorcycle manufacturer has a website. There are many dealers who have webpages where you can find out as much as there is to know about each brand, and model offered. Once you narrow your choices down you can go to a dealer and get up close and personal with the motorcycles of your choice. Some dealers offer demo rides and rentals. This is another option for you to explore. This opportunity is a great one as you get to try riding the motorcycle to see how it feels for you.
Do the numbers. There are budget planners available online to figure out how much bike you can afford. You then choose your bike and the payment calculator will figure out what your estimated monthly payment would be.

Finances. If you need some financial help many motorcycle dealers offer financial services. Some would offer financing, insurance, extended service plans, and protection plans. Another good option is to try to call several banks and find out what their rates are. It is best to shop around for the lowest rate possible.

Working Out A Deal. When you finally go out to buy your motorcycle, it is best to deal with the sales manager. They usually know how to best negotiate with a client. Be sure to ask the sales manager to quote you the "out the door" price on the motorcycle. The "out the door" price is the final price of the motorcycle after taxes and the other hidden fees. If they refuse to give you an out the door quote, that should give you warning that they are trying to hide something that they will charge you later.

Maintenance Cost. The amount of money that you will need to maintain your motorcycle will all depend on which motorcycle you purchase. Purchasing a high performance motorcycle will need alot more maintenance than a motorcycle with a lower performance. This is mainly because motorcycles that produce more horsepower have components that cannot be tuned or replaced by a novice mechanic. You have to take these bikes to professionals who will usually charge good dollars for this type of service.

There will always be maintenance cost but how many times a year your bike needs it is dependant on what type of motorcycle and how much you ride it. A smaller motorcycle will probably only need 2-3 major adjustments or checks a year depending on how much you ride your bike. These bikes are very economical for this reason.

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